travel Offers

With the fast paced monotonous life that we are living today there is a need to break through, to occasionally take out time for ourselves, to give ourselves and our loved ones the “me time”, the holiday that we all deserve.

Although a wide range of travel and touring options are available today but to explore the real deal you need to see the beauty that our country India has to offer. And what better way that to opt for the on-road travel which gives you the option of travelling at your own time slots, explore unseen places, eat at out of the box restaurants, sip the exotic dhabe wali chai (tea) or the popular roadside “shikanjee” (lemonade) and more!

We at MTTTS offer you the best custom made travel offers for you to choose from. A hassle free option wherein you just need to tell us your required travel plans and leave the rest of the travelling worries to us!